Who could say it much better than the queen of fashion herself? It has been rumored that the queen bee owns over one thousand pairs of shoes, and do not require were under $150. With that said, she boasts personally made sure how the shoes offered over the Collection are typical under $160. The lowest marked footwear for women in the collection is $60. The designer realizes that few people has thousands to spend on a new wardrobe and has worked extra hard to bring a shoe collection that gives fashion, quality and affordability to women everywhere.

The best selling shoe inside the women’s lineup could be the Women’s Overload Deluxe Shoe. Available in eight designs, the footwear provide comfort, durability in addition to stability using the EVA enhanced midsole. But if you want canvas shoes, Fallen is the ankle high Womens Majestic High Shoe. Designed with laces and full quilted embroidery of the Fallen logo, the type is available in two colors, monochrome. For a more casual look, you should check out Womens Majestic Low Shoe sneakers which come in two designs. Not only supporting the sporty and active, Fallen shoes women also suggest a more feminine look with Womens Body Rock Shoe. Provided by 50 % colors, the flat shoes are currently on discount.
Not only footwear with the Fallen women collection, the manufacturer also pampers women with clothing, eyewear, and accessories products at the same time. And for your data, some items are also on discount sales.